Rubbermaid Cereal Keeper 3- Pack


  • pack of three kitchen storage containers for cereal and other dry goods
  • cap holds back in an open position for single handed pouring
  • high quality lid seal keeps food fresh longer
  • bases and lids are BPA free




Keep your counter and cupboard clean and tidy with these durable containers keep cereal and other staples fresh.

Are your cabinet filled with cans and bulky packs of dry food? keep it tidy with Rubbermaid cereal keeper 3 packs of assorted colours for your kitchen and pantry. the storage container can contain up to 1.5 lbs of dry foods like cereal, rice, pasta, beans, or granola. it keeps your dry food fresh.

because of the narrow shape of these rubbermaid keepers you will find they fit into a number of places easily from your counter top to cabinets, to your open shelves.



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