4 L Cast Aluminium Round Casserole


  • Induction compatible
  • dishwasher Safe
  • suitable for all hobs
  • it cooks faster and more
  • ideal for slow cooker
  • ideal gift item


  • Suitable for all hobs (including induction).
From warming, slow-cooked beef stews to casseroles made of lunch’s leftovers – shallow casserole dishes will change the way you cook these hearty favorites, for the better. Built from high-quality cast aluminum, it absorbs heat quickly and distributes it evenly. The result? Faster, more even cooking! This casserole pot has a stainless steel base, so you can use it on any heat source – including induction. And it’s also oven safe, which is great for slow-cooking or reheating previously cooked meals. There’s no need to worry about food sticking. It’s finished with speckled grey double non-stick layers. Less chance of food sticking means less need for oil. So, you can braise and sauté your meat and veg more healthily. Topped with a self-basting lid to ensure none of those delicious juices and flavors escape, it’s ideal for slow cooker recipes.


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